Apartment in Holešovice, Prague

Additional Info

  • Designer: Pavel Borůvka
  • Date: 2017
  • Location: Praha
  • Range of project work: Studie, dokumentace, dozor

The client came to our studio with a clear request: "The apartment will be up for rent for maximum 3 yearsso the budget and proposals are very limited. We love French style, theater, cycling, flowers. Otherwise, you have a free hand." 

In the living room with kitchen we used mainly furniture and accessories from second hand or cheap shops, with some pieces of small adjustments for joinery.The main element of the bedroom is the raised double bed in the width of the room with a direct window view and a large storage space underneath it. Here it was necessary to use furniture to measure, the material is the bedroom made of wood and plywood.The last room is a study / cloakroom. A purely purposeful space. Free wardrobes, racks, and a hook system from the ceiling to hang up sports equipment, luggage, etc., effectively use space and save the budget.