Design for Bar Stromoffka

Additional Info

  • Designer: Jan Lorenc
  • Co-designer: Libor Kodl
  • Date: 2016
  • Client: Bar Stromoffka
  • Location: Praha
  • Photos by: Pavel Tománek
  • Range of project work: Návrh, výrobní dokumentace

The wish of the client was to design a bar in an industrial style. The bar is located cellar spaces, which in themselves have an industrial character. Materials that fit the walls and ceilings are used in the design. Black metal, larch wood and stainless steel work perfectly with exposed bricks and the rough plaster of the vaults. The front of the bar is filled with tiles that are made of larch profiles. The regular square grid is in sharp contrast to the old and irregular brick wall. The industrial atmosphere of the bar exemplifies Edison design bulbs with black sockets.