Jatka78 -Theater foyer

Additional Info

  • Designer: Hynek Dřízhal
  • Date: 2014
  • Client: Jatka 78
  • Location: Praha
  • Photos by: Jakub Jelen
  • Range of project work: Design, Autorský dozor

Our designer Hynek Dřízhal was asked by Jatek78 to create a strong design element and unifying style for the interior of the theater. He created a simple layout for the foyer, where there is a cloakroom, a merchandising sale, a bar, a gallery and a small stage. For the optical separation of the individual parts of the interior, an artistic installation of  a wooden structure was created. This material was chosen because the client's main desire was to create a proposal with a very low cost of realization. The wooden installation not only divides the interior of the foyer but also makes it a very pleasant place for guests to sit.