FORUM 2000

Additional Info

  • Designer: Jiří Šmejkal, Jan Lorenc
  • Date: 2016
  • Client: FORUM 2000
  • Photos by: Ondřej Besperát, Jan Hromádko, Štěpán Mikuda
  • Range of project work: Návrh designu dekorací

Studio Archonaut had the honor to participate in the scenography design of Forum 2000. For the public lecture of Secular Ethics, we are chosen as the main dominant of the scene to the lifelong silhouette of V. Havel and the Dalai Lama. These silhouettes are made up of quotations of the great thinkers. Shadows are marked with bold fonts and bright spots with a normal font. The scriptures from the distance blend in the pictures of both men. In close, it is possible to discern the fragments of their quotes. For the meeting at Palace Žofín, we constructed the decorations made of foam system "Nopaplank". We have chosen this material because it reflects light, it is lightweight and easy to work with. The decoration is connected with a few simple locks.