Cirk La Putyka - Roots

Additional Info

  • Designer: Hynek Dřízhal
  • Co-designer: Jan Lorenc
  • Date: 2016
  • Client: Cirk La Putyka
  • Location: Berlín
  • Photos by: foto Tomáš Třeštík
  • Range of project work: Design scény, návrh konstrukce scény
At the beginning of 2016, had a premiere a show "ROOTS" in Berlin Theater Chamäleon. Studio Archonaut helped with the design of the scene and of the mechanical components of the scene. In this case the client had special requirements for the design functionality. The client requested optional rebuilding of the stage stage during a performance within a few tens of seconds. It was necessary to integrate the trampoline and teeterboard to the stage because of low ceiling of the theater. To jump on that devices is required a certain height of the ceiling therefore it was not possible to place a trampoline and teeterboard directly on the stage. It was also a necessary to integrate a parallel bars to the scene and to be able to cover the trampoline and other devices by large movable panels.