Exterior Design for Ilf Hotel

Additional Info

  • Designer: Jan Lorenc
  • Date: 2017
  • Client: KIBALA s.r.o.
  • Location: Praha

The main emphasis on the restoration of the ILF's exterior was to highlight the hotel's facilities such as restaurants, cafes and bars. The original character of the exterior areas in front of the hotel tended to separate the hotel from the street. The new green design aims to visually connect the hotel with the surrounding area, attracting more customers. One of the client's requirements was to create a functional area in front of the hotel, where occasional events and festivals could be held. We proposed to use the square concrete paving and we wanted to graphically distinguish different shapes using different formats of this tile. In addition, we used grassing tiles to create areas that will be used only occasionally (for parking, stands, etc.), and these areas will not change the intake ratio too much.

Modern graphics are designed to refresh the overall obsolete hotel, but are not trying to fight the original architectural concept. The biggest problem is, in our opinion, the entrance to the hotel. It is now insufficiently highlighted and due to the lack of original architectural design, the entrance is too small and dark. The Archonaut Studio therefore proposes to insert a reflective glass with integrated light into the entrance area. As a visual concept, highlighting of the entrance wall by illumination is proposed.

Another task was to propose a restoration of the restaurant-connected garden. The client wished to preserve the glass roof and the original garden furniture. In addition, it was necessary to design a bar, which would serve the garden, but also for occasional events to take place in the area in front of the hotel. We design the tap from a polycarbonate socket that is durable and airy. The choice of polycarbonate also made it possible for the draft to be illuminated.