Study in New Training Hall for Theater Jatka78

Additional Info

  • Designer: Jan Lorenc, Jiří Šmejkal, Hynek Dřízhal
  • Date: 2016
  • Client: Jatka 78
  • Location: Praha - Holešovice

The Jatka78 Theater asked the Archonaut studio for an idea of a new training hall for the teaching of artists. For this purpose a glass building was chosen, which is located next to the Jatka78 Theater in Prague Holešovice.


Existing condition:

The object is located in Jateční 1530/33 in Prague Holešovice. The study deals with the solution of new possibilities of functional filling of objects 11A and parts of object 11. Both objects are located in the right part of the center axis of the complex, leading from the main entrance of the Bubenský nábřeží. According to the plan of the Central slaughterhouse in Holešovice from 1897, the object originally served as a meat market. He retained the original architectural appearance of 19th-century Industrial Industrial Architecture.


Architectural study:

Our architectural study builds on the demands of Circus La Putyk and Jatek78 to create a training center for professional acrobats, students and the general public. Hall 11A and part of Hall 11 provide ideal conditions for this purpose, both by its layout and its location within the Holešovice Market Hall. Especially Hall 11 is with its height and glazed facades ideal for installing all the necessary design elements for all the major new circus techniques. Our study is based on a simple combination of built-in supporting structures and a modular system of wooden panels that make up a substantial part of the background. We strive to respect the look of existing buildings and adjust to complement the clean and beautiful spaces of the 11th and 11th floors. Implementation of our concept should not be time consuming. Individual modules and constructions would be made in advance. We have become acquainted with the form and functionality of the most famous training halls in Europe and we believe that our proposal brings something that Prague did not have until now. We believe that this space will attract many people with its simplicity, originality and professional technical equipment.